From the Students

” Ateres Naava is a place which every girl can call her own. From the minute I stepped foot into the seminary, I felt the warmth and love emanating from every corner. Never in my life have I been so proud to be a part of the Jewish nation and never have I experienced such a sense of love and pride for my heritage as I have after my year here in Sem. Ateres Naava has given me something priceless; the gift of love and acceptance, something which is unfortunately lacking in so many institutions. The staff of Ateres Naava are simply irreplaceable and Hashem granted me the privilege of attending this special school. They have taught me by example what it means to love and embrace our Torah and be proud of it and how to elevate our lives in this world to fulfill the will of Hashem. I owe my life to this Seminary and feel so proud to be a part of such a special family. Ateres Naava is my home and I never want to leave it.”

-Esther D., Track 4

” Ateres is a place that I’ll always have to come back to no matter what stage of life. I know that anytime I’ll need anything (advice, a friend…) there will be someone to turn to.”
– Shira A., Track 4

“Ateres Naava has been the most amazing schooling experience in my life thus far”
– Anonymous

“… the only thing I regret about coming is now I know how much time I wasted before this year”
– Bracha K., Track 4

“Ateres became a place where I can call home. It brought out the best in me. Everything we learned and everything we did just uplifted my soul to greater heights. I have no words to describe how much I appreciate all that Ateres had offered me this year. Hashem truly blessed me this year for being able to learn from such great teachers and be guided from great staff. I am proud to be and Ateres Naava girl.
– Leora S., Track 4

After high school I wanted to continue growing and learning. When I found out about Ateres Naava, I was very excited. Today I am here and I love it…”
– Marcella K., Track 2

Ateres gave me hope for a more meaningful and spiritual life. It taught me that no matter who you are, and where you have been, you’ll always have a place in G-d’s heart.
– Naomi H., Track 2

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